Friday, 11 May 2012

1 week blogiversary - reader give away!

This week I purchased a frugal birthday present locally for Son's friend.  A combination of something to read (a 1001 Stupid Jokes book) and something to do:

But the veg kit (plant, eat and grow butternut squash!) was met with absolute resistance by Son, who said something along the lines of, "You are a complete weirdo of a mother, everyone will think I am the weirdo son of a weirdo mother, he probably doesn't like butternut squash anyway, and I BEG you not to make me give it to him". 

Sometimes I listen to my children.

Well, Friend's loss is your gain, dear reader!  Just comment beneath this post for a chance to win this superb vegetable kit!!  (Sadly I won't be able to post 'biological material' to the US :( but hang in there, readers from the US, as I have a book give away planned for the 1 month blogiversary!)  A winner will be drawn at random, on the 2 week blogiversary next Friday!

If you look at the typical number of comments on my blogposts so far, you will see that you stand a VERY good chance of winning!!  And you will also see that I have a VERY good chance of winning too if nobody comments!!  So it's a win/win situation all round!

Good luck!


  1. Now I've got to enter this one as I do a mean butternut squash soup... I'll share on FB see if you can get some entrants eh?

  2. Thanks Jo for the free advertising on Facebook, and for entering! It's looking good for you so far!!

  3. I have the same allotment issue in that so far this year I haven't planted anything - although last years rhubarb and raspberries and looking good!! This would give me a start!!

    1. Hi Claire, it's good to know we're not the only ones with a bare allotment! Good luck!