Thursday, 17 May 2012

Blog Glitches On A Shoestring

Setting up a blog has been a steep learning curve for me as a non-techy person!  A couple of glitches have been brought to my attention by some helpful readers.  If you were paying attention closely last week you might have noticed that:

  • this blog's URL changed from to

  • I changed the name of the blog from On A Shoestring to Everyday Life On A Shoestring, in the interests of corporate image (!)
This may have resulted in some glitches with viewing the blog and with the subscription process, by feedburner and email.  I think I have updated both the subscription by feedburner and email buttons in the side bar on the right hand side.  I strongly recommend that if you have subscribed to this blog feed at any point from the blog's inception to today, and have NOT been receiving emails or feed through the feedburner, that you re-subscribe!  Sorry about this!  And of course if you haven't subscribed yet, you could always think about doing so!  

I have also endeavoured to make it easier for you to comment on posts.  You should be able to post without having to enter what the squiggly writing says (or 'captcha', as I'm reliably informed it is called!)

Please let me know by email if you continue to have any problems and please bear with us during Everyday Life On A Shoestring's infancy!


  1. It's a learning curve for sure! I still haven't got the nerve to introduce feedburner to my site in case it all goes pear-shaped!

  2. Don't worry, it may well be that I'm getting the jargon muddled up in my non-techy way...could it be that I mean feed READER instead of feedburner? Hopefully readers can work out how to subscribe one way or another!!

  3. Looks really good. I just moved to wordpress and almost feel like I've started over again C:

    1. Thanks, Jane. It was sod's law that as soon as I got the whole thing set up and went public on Blogger I realised that Wordpress seems to be THE place to be these days! It looks like it should be possible to transfer at a later date but there's no way I'm embarking on that journey just yet - my little brain is overloaded enough already!