Monday, 14 May 2012

The Fickleness of 9 Year Olds!

There's good news and bad news in today's blogpost...

Remember how only last Thursday, 9 year old Son convinced me that no boy his age would ever find any joy in a butternut squash growing kit? (See 1 week blogiversary - reader give away)

And that frankly, I was a little bit loopy for thinking otherwise?

Well, the good news is I'm not so loopy after all!  Would you believe it, 9 year old boys can have quite a fun time planting butternut squash!

The bad news is that neither Son nor Husband are reading this blog very thoroughly.  I'd been away for a night at the weekend, leaving Husband in charge.  On my return I was naturally checking the blog and planning this week's posts, when Son looked over my shoulder at the photo of the butternut squash kit in Friday's blogpost.  He beamed at me and said, "Me and Dad planted those butternut squash seeds yesterday", waiting for my admiration.

"But it's a PRIZE for my blog readers!" I spluttered, followed by an interrogation of Son as to the enjoyability rating of planting butternut squash.  (Quite high, if you're wondering.  The saying "Mums always know best", comes to mind.)

This is what the 1 week blogiversary reader give away now looks like:

I guess that might be a bit difficult to send in the post.  One alternative would be a delayed gratification reader give away where I send the winner a butternut squash when it's harvested, but no, there's more good news!  As it was such a frugal bargain of a never-to-be birthday present, I will be replacing it this week and hiding it in a secret location, far, far away from prying 9 year olds.

So you still have until midnight on Friday 18 May to leave a comment on the original 1 week blogiversary post to be in with a chance of winning the growing kit!  (Maybe tell me what you intend to do with the butternut squash when you've grown them.)

While you're deciding whether to leave a comment or not, check out Veggie Trumps to see how well you know your onions (and other fruit and veg)!  It's given us quite a lot of fun here!


  1. Have given you a shout out on today's post!

  2. Thank you Jo!! You never know, some late entrants might suddenly come out of the cyber woodwork!