Thursday, 10 May 2012

Welcome to the world my mangetout babies!

Let's get one thing straight.  

Do not for a minute think that Everyday Life On A Shoestring has this simple living thing wrapped!  

At the moment, these baby mangetouts are the only, yes the ONLY plants that we have to go in our beautifully dug allotment!  A whole allotment devoted to a set of mangetout sextuplets.  Last year we behaved like real grown up gardeners and perused the D T Browns catalogue by the fireside in January, ordered seeds and planted them on time.  This year everyday life has somehow conspired against us and although Husband has rotavated the plot, and seeds and organic potting compost have been bought at that well known gardening emporium Aldi (!), we just have not got round to planting.

But rest assured, simple livers are nothing if not resourceful and optimistic!  My babies will not grow up to be spoilt legume brats.  For one thing, although they may have no fellow seedlings at the moment, when they are planted in due course they will find themselves in the company of some redcurrant and gooseberry bushes,

a large apple tree whose prolific blossom heralds a good crop this year,

and two chickens, Ginger and Yoko.  (Notice all the apple blossom in the chicken run!)

So all is not lost. 

And even better, Everyday Life On A Shoestring is fortunate enough to know lots of kind hearted gardeners who will share their surplus plants, and there are lots of community events coming up with plant stalls where there are bound to be a few bargains!

Meanwhile I'm off to do some sowing!

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