Tuesday, 22 May 2012

When laziness becomes a virtue!

Today it's been ideal drying weather for cereal packets, washed and ready for re-use!

That's four less packets of cereal in the cupboard, and as I am too lazy to go shopping today frugally minded, the newly single occupant, porridge oats, has had a makeover.  (Unfortunately not everyone in this house shares my love of porridge).   

Crunchy Oat/Granola inspired by frugalgirl's.  Because I am too lazy to go shopping today or follow a recipe  creatively minded we had to improvise the ingredients, so our version is something like this: fill the bottom of a roasting tin with oats, dribble and mix in a generous splash of sunflower oil, a few drops of vanilla extract and a couple of spoonfuls of honey.  Bake on a low temperature for 15 - 20 mins until it looks like granola!  Add whatever you fancy or have to hand in the way of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  And hey presto! 

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