Sunday, 3 June 2012

10 Frugal Things!

10 frugal things I will be enjoying on holiday in the Lake District (just because we're on holiday it doesn't mean that the frugal fun has to stop!):

1.   Binge reading!  I never have time to read as much as I'd like during term time, so I enjoy catching up during the holidays.  On my bedside table will be Goldie Hawn's autobiography, A Lotus Grows in the Mud, which I am half way through.  Embrace Mindfulness introduced me to the idea of Goldie as something other than an actress playing slightly ditsy roles, by drawing attention to her recent book 10 Mindful Minutes.  The Hawn Foundation runs MindUp, a programme which has been taking mindfulness into US schools since 2005, and 10 Mindful Minutes focuses on some of the programme's techniques.  As part of my day job involves running social skills and anxiety and depression prevention groups for teenagers, I read the book with interest.  I then found Goldie's autobiography, A Lotus Grows in the Mud, in a charity book sale, and although I'm not a great autobiography reader I am enjoying her life story.  Despite being a Hollywood star, her philosophy on life has much to offer the simple-liver. Also stacked up in my book pile is one of my Christmas presents: Singing for Mrs Pettigrew: A Story-maker's Journey, by Michael Morpurgo.  Morpurgo is well known for his children's stories, especially with the recent release of the film War Horse, but this is a collection of short stories interlaced with essays about the art of writing.  As an aspiring writer I shall be taking notes!  The Lake District is famous for its poets and with my current poetry renaissance, while I am on holiday I shall try and find some Wordsworth or Coleridge to read too.  

2.   Binge sleeping! Despite knowing that life is much better on 7.5 - 8 hours sleep a night, my night owl tendancies get in the way of this sometimes, and I'm ALWAYS ready for some sleep catch-up on holiday!  Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project is BIG on getting enough sleep - check out this post if you would like some tips.

3.   Binge drinking! JUST KIDDING!          

4.   A luxurious bath! I rarely take a bath.  Showers win over baths for me, for ecological and time reasons.  On holiday I shall soak up some of my birthday bath bomb backlog.

5.   Family meals! We are on holiday celebrating another special family birthday (Go Granny!) with 7 grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, so we're looking forward to some quality family time.

6.   Rowing!  The holiday house we are staying in boasts its own rowing boat, and the oldest member of the party loves nothing better than to get behind the oars (Go Grandad!)

7.   A full moon on Tuesday 5 June!  Although it maybe well known for its spectacular scenery and walking opportunities, don't forget that the Lake District is also famed for its dark skies, so we're hoping for good views of Tuesday's full moon.  (Check out a post I wrote about the new moon a couple of weeks ago if you would like your own lunar calendar.)

8.   Grizedale Forest! We can't wait to explore the sculpture trail in Grizedale Forest:

9.   Board Games! Cranium and Uno were big hits at Christmas, so we shall be taking them with us.

10.   Walking! It's a no-brainer in the Lake District, but it has to be on the list.  We have borrowed some Ordnance Survey maps and a book of walks to get us going.

Any more ideas for frugal Lake District holiday activities or holiday activities in general?


  1. I like your list of frugal fun for your holidays. It sounds like you all will have a very nice time. We're still trying to come up with a holiday plan that will fit everyone's schedule, is inexpensive and will be relaxing. The "be relaxing" part seems to be the most difficult for us.

  2. Yes that sounds a familiar dilemma! When there are a variety of age groups on holiday, one person's idea of relaxing is not another's! The advantage of having a big group of us on holiday is that we don't all have to do things together so most people are happy most of the time! :-)