Friday, 1 June 2012

Food Waste Friday - In Abundance!

What's going on this Friday?

Rather than running the supplies down by the end of the week so that I can take stock of the food waste, we've got food in abundance including an entire untouched veg and fruit box and a huge sack of potatoes.  Have I thrown caution to the wind? No, it's called 'stock piling for our holiday so that we can have a week off food shopping!'

You might be asking where an organic veg box fits into the frugal scheme of things?  (Husband frequently does - but then he would survive on eggs and baked beans if left to his own devices.)  I argue that frugal doesn't necessarily mean cheap.  The veg box provides great quality veg, saves me lugging heavy bags back from town, puts an element of surprise into my cooking, and allows me to support sustainable farming practices.  I make sure that not a scrap of veg goes to waste, freezing items if I know we won't eat them in time. The Riverford scheme is flexible enough that a week's order can be cancelled if we are feeling very squeezed (which we frequently are) or when the allotment is in full swing.  

Diligent use of resources?  I think so!

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it.