Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Yarn Bombing!

Knitted goldfish outside a local art gallery.
There's nothing like a bit of 'yarn bombing' (graffiti or guerilla knitting) to cheer you up when you have a spot of the post-holiday blues, especially when it's so dreary, grey and cold.  Just when I'd been thinking that I really ought to take up my knitting needles to create something for my newest niece (currently still in utero!), we find our town transformed by wool.  (Don't you just love how having a frugal mindset seems to mean such frugal treasure just falls into your lap sometimes!)

More of the goldfish!
Yarn bombing is new to me, but this rather quirky art form really floats my frugalista boat.  Inspired by a local resident, our town was dressed in knitting as part of its annual Art Festival, all made with donated yarns.  Locals could join in at Knit and Natter workshops.  And the whole project coincided with international Yarn Bombing Day on Saturday 9 June.

Entrance to one of our local pubs!

There are more fantastic yarn bombing images from around the world on the blog, Yarnbombing.com, from knitted picnics and yarn bombed bikes, to the Queen and Prince Philip.

Happily I work with several enthusiastic knitters, so I only had to put the word out today and the baby clothes knitting patterns should be filling my pigeon hole by the end of the week. I've blogged it now, so I have to do it. Watch this space!


  1. Did you see this a while back - I thought it was fab. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18261992

  2. Thanks for the link Claire! Love it! The Angel of the North clad in crochet would be quite a sight...

  3. My eyes were not focusing properly and when I first read the title of your post. I saw the r and n in yarn merged together, looking like a m -- I thought you were posting about yam bombing! A totally different mental picture, if you can imagine!

    1. I can only read it as yam bombing now! No doubt there's a website devoted to that too! Is it the sort of battle an army of vegetarians would be involved in?!

    2. So, I was just curious, and I googled "yam bombing". Evidently a lot more people need glasses as much as I do, as many folks misread yarn bombing as yaM bombing! It really is a funny mental picture. Now I'm wondering, would one cook the yam first or just bomb raw?

    3. And now you've got me wondering whether the yam does have a part to play in these times of 'leaner' defence strategies! Maybe cooked for a UN peacekeeping force using weapons only in self-defence? Raw for something more serious?!