Monday, 16 July 2012

5 Things Goldie Hawn and I agree about!

Every frugal living blog needs a touch of Hollywood glamour every now and then, especially on a cold, grey, summer's day, so it's time to mention Goldie Hawn again! 

A while back I blogged about reading Goldie Hawn's latest book, 10 Mindful Minutes, followed by her autobiography, A Lotus Grows in the Mud, which I picked up for a £1 in a charity book sale.  I said that, surprising as it might seem, I found that her philosophy on life, as described in her autobiography, had much to offer the simple-liver.  But don't just take my word for it, see if you agree:

1) I've learnt that material things don't provide lasting happiness and Goldie says:

"Possessions do not make us happy, nor does the obsession with acquiring more and more wealth.  How much is enough?"

2) I say that it's the people in your life that matter, and Goldie writes:

"If someone asks me what makes me happiest it is never anything I can quantify like a house or a possession or something I can touch.  It is the spirit of the human being, which can fill me with more joy than anything in the world."

3) It's worth smiling even when you don't feel like it.  As Gretchen Rubin puts it, act the way you want to feel, and Goldie thinks the same way:

" A smile is an indication of a happy heart, and when you smile it changes your perception.  It can create a better day.  As frivolous as it might sound, studies have proven that even if you don't feel like smiling, if you force yourself to smile, you will change your state of mind.  By doing so you can actually raise the immune system boosters in your blood."

4) It's important to have compassion as we go about our daily lives, and it's important to Goldie too:

"By reaching out and trying to help people in any way we can, by developing more compassion in our hearts and in our lives and in our spirits, we will help to make a better world".

5) I firmly believe that connecting with the natural world can help put things in perspective, and Goldie cites her father's words to her, as some of the most important she would ever hear:

"If ever you feel like you're getting too big for your britches, then come out here (Chesapeake Bay), or go to the ocean and stand on the shore and see how small you are."

Although I'm sure Goldie and I live very different lives, we're in agreement on some things!

All quotes from Goldie Hawn's A Lotus Grows in the Mud, 2006, Bantam.


  1. I especially like the part about smiling. It just seems to make my day when someone, anyone, smiles at me. So I try hard to do the same where ever I go, with whomever I deal, and under any circumstance.

  2. Goldie Hawn always exudes happiness. I think some of it she was born with, but she maintains it with the above philosophies. I think I'm going to pretend I'm Goldie Hawn today be happy and playful. That should help me get through work with this migraine.

    1. From reading her autobiography, she's had plenty of hard times in her life, so you're right, although her happy persona may be in-built to a certain extent, she's also had to work at it too. Hope your migraine got better, and that adopting the Goldie Hawn mentality helped!

    2. Goldie Hawn update. Several times yesterday, I thought about Goldie Hawn and I felt my face relax. I didn't burst into a big smile, but it relaxed and I felt better. Who knew that a celebrity could have that effect.

    3. That's great! I shall try it too next time I feel not so good. And I think I ought to try and watch a few of her movies over the summer.