Monday, 23 July 2012

"Dear David Camron..."

I'm always keen to reiterate that this blog is not just about me, me, me...It's supposed to reflect all the small, everyday things that we do, as a family, to try and keep life green, frugal and simple, even if we don't always succeed.

So I was heartened to find that whilst I have been spending considerable time here documenting my mouldy clementines in the hope of inspiring you to reduce your food waste or whipping up batches of elderflower cordial to encourage you to ransack the countryside so you can make food for free, Son has bypassed the whole time-sapping blogging process and cut to the chase.

He arrived home from school last week with a pile of dog-eared exercise books and crumpled papers.  After seven years of this end-of-school-year ritual, I'm not very sentimental, and I was brutally consigning most of it to the recycling box.

Until I came to this:

and this letter to David Cameron:

The letter says:

"Dear David Camron,
I am writing to you becuase you are not realy caring for the global warming.  Becuase I bet you don't no what can happen.  So I am going to tell you what can happen!!! Polor bear's can die and seal's and penguins.  So please can you try to stop all these factory's. Because factory's can do that to those animials.  
Your's cinsilerly.
PS Try to turn of your light's sometime's."

I'd love to think that all our green proselytising at home has finally paid off, but really I'm under no illusion that Son came up with the idea for this on his own.  No doubt all the class were doing posters and writing to David Cameron in order to fulfil some subsection of the Geography or Citizenship part of the National Curriculum.  Son was characteristically vague when I tried to get to the bottom of it..."I can't remember!" he said, grumpily.  And if all his classmates wrote letters, sadly, Son seems pretty sure they were never sent to Number 10.

But it set me thinking.  In his innocent way, was Son's letter and indictment of our Prime Minister really so far from the truth?

When he was in the running for the leadership, Mr Cameron liked to portray himself, cycing around London, as the would-be green governmental saviour of our country.  From Everyday Life On A Shoestring's perspective, it's all gone a bit quiet since then.

A quick Google, confirms that this is indeed the case.  "Vote Blue.  Go Green", was the message, but since he has been in power, if The Independent is to be believed, he has not made a single speech on environmental policy.  There's speculation that he supports a third runway at Heathrow, and that George Osborne will block subsidies required for renewable energy.

Despite being supposed to deliver a big keynote speech at the Clean Energy ministerial earlier this year, he didn't.  The CarbonBrief blog gives a good round-up of the conclusions that the media drew from this lack of a clear message from the man at the top.

And I'm not encouraged by this very recent leading article, entitled 'Mr Cameron's green tinge risks turning dark blue', in The Independent.  

I know we can't rely on government to sort out global warming and other environmental issues singlehandedly, and it's down to us to do what we can at an individual level too, which is precisely why I blog.  But while I'm busy being frugal in Wiltshire and trying to do my part to ensure there's a healthy environment for my children and grandchildren in the future, I expect David Cameron and the Coalition to be doing their best up in London.  

Mr Cameron, I think you really ought to do more than "try to turn of your light's sometimes."  Please show us that you "realy care for the global warming"  because so far, we're not convinced that you do.


  1. It's the rare politician who keeps his/her focus on principles, the welfare of society in general, the hurting people/wildlife/planet, once elected to office, no matter what country you live in. That sounds so cynical, I know.

    But it's all the more reason for us, as individuals, to continue living our lives, doing our best to do the right thing. The efforts of a population can affect change to a greater degree than any elected office, making me wonder just who is doing the leading? The citizens, or the "leaders"?

    Your blog is a great motivation to others to "tread lightly". Keep on going with it!

  2. Your cynicism is seems that Obama hasn't squared up to the global warming challenge either and neither he nor Cameron attended the Rio +20 summit this year. So you're right, it's down to us to keep plodding on and blogging on, ey?!