Friday, 27 July 2012

Food Waste Friday - Just when I thought I had it sussed...

This week I was feeling a bit smug.  I thought I finally had it sussed and that there would actually be no food waste. 

I wasn't going to be caught out by a gi-normous family pack of mushrooms that had the potential for wastage.  It's all empty:

I fried the entire pack up and used some for a salad and saved some for a pasta sauce.

What I hadn't taken into account was the food waste that would be caused by the sudden temperature change.  Up until this week our summer has been decidedly chilly.  But when it's suddenly ten degrees warmer then everything starts going squishier and mouldier just that little bit more quickly than usual.  The chickens have been the lucky beneficiaries of some squishy fruit this week, but even they won't touch the bread that went as hard-as-a-brick too soon.

I've learnt that the true food waste avoider has to stay even nimbler on their feet than I'd thought.  Better luck next week!

Meanwhile this week, Mrs Green at My Zero Waste blogged about the environmental benefits of reducing your food waste.  This reminded me that it's the small actions that are important; reducing your food waste can help to combat global warming.  Read Mrs Green's blog post to find out why!

And Everyday Life On A Shoestring is always keen to support local food events...if you're in the Bath area, UK, check out these StrEAT Food Collective events at Green Park Station, with acoustic folk music provided by your favourite frugal fiddler's band!

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it.


  1. Oh I hear you on this one. This afternoon I went into the kitchen and it had a distinct smell of raspberries; they were literally heating up in the sun! So I spent time sorting them and freezing them to save on waste, but yes, a few have gone to the chooks!
    Thanks for linking to the food waste post; I appreciate it :)

    1. Happy to link to you Mrs Green! Glad you saved most of your raspberries...they are a prime suspect for going mouldy super-fast...even in the supermarket chillers.

  2. I have some mushrooms for a chicken dish. I guess I better make it sooner than later or I'll end up in the same boat as you.

    1. One of my Food Waste Friday pieces of learning is to cook stuff up or freeze it before I expect to use it, rather than let it sit there fresh (and sometimes going rotten), waiting to be used. So you could prolong the life of those mushrooms, even if you don't intend to make the chicken dish just yet. Thanks for all your visits to the blog.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    An interesting way to look at food waste, as contributing to global warming. I'll keep that in mind.
    I think you're right about having to stay on top of things, to keep from having any food waste. I imagine, though, if we lived where food was constantly in short supply, we'd have no trouble avoiding food waste.

    1. You've highlighted another Food Waste Friday piece of learning...that one by-product of the luxury of our food abundance is waste. My apricots certainly wouldn't have gone squishy if they were the only thing in the fruit bowl...I'm getting better at keeping more minimalist fresh food supplies but still haven't got it quite right. Thanks for your continued support of the blog.