Thursday, 12 July 2012

Knit happens!

It's ironic that the yellow jersey I'm making for newly born Niece 3 has been following the Tour de France route, and has itself witnessed several presentations of its namesake, le Maillot Jaune!

Ironic, because I don't usually spend much time in front of the TV, let alone sport on TV.  (There are some rather enthusiastic Tour fans in the house at the moment so when my knitting anchors me to the sofa, I don't have any choice but to partake too.)

Doubly ironic, because in Le Tour, the yellow jersey is presented daily to the rider completing the route in the shortest time, but my own little yellow jersey (or rather shortsleeved jacket) is currently far from being a winner.

In terms of speed it's doing well - a baby cardigan knits up quickly, especially with the added motivation of Niece 3 arriving slightly earlier than expected.  No, the problem is that I'm a 'loose knitter', which means that although I haven't met her yet, I'm fairly certain that she won't ever be short and wide enough to fit my woolly offering.

As usual, I hope to inspire you NOT with my frugal perfection, but through Everyday Life On A Shoestring's have-a-go attitude and our enthusiastic and optimistic approach to overcoming obstacles!

There's only one thing for it - unpick what I've knitted so far (all of the back), and start again on smaller gauge needles (unless anyone has any other suggestions?) which will compensate for my slack knitting.  Wasn't it me who said the other day that the journey's more important than the destination?!  For those of you who like to put a price on frugal endeavours, I'm afraid I can't reveal the costs involved (in case Niece 3 is reading this), but let's just say that it would be a complete waste of money if I left it as it is and she never wore it.

The Tour de France continues for another 10 days, so I'm hoping my yellow jersey will be yellow jersey worthy and Niece worthy by the 22 July.  And if it's not, at least I've enjoyed the French scenery and so far, I've knitted the Britons to success!

I'd love to hear about any knitting disasters you may have had, and whether you managed to rectify them!  Please feel free to comment below!

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  1. I knit too, I have been doing it for quite some time now it relaxes me but I never get good at it. You got any tips?