Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Salad and Sorbet weather - at last!

If you follow any UK blogs at all, you can't fail to have noticed that we have all gone slightly sun-crazed, after long weeks of solar deprivation!

I make no apologies for jumping onto the summer bandwagon.

How easy the transition to mediterranean living is!

That cupboard full of vegetables?  I waved my magic salad wand.

Grated carrot with almonds and a splash of orange juice. Mushrooms fried in olive oil and garlic, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Courgettes, briefly sauteed with olive oil and lemon juice.

Add new potatoes and home-made quiche and eat al fresco.  Heaven!

If only everyone else here thought so; the salad wand's magic doesn't extend as far as getting  the kids to eat those salads...and I turned my back for a minute only to discover Husband had smothered his with salad much for those delicate flavourings and carefully thought-out seasonings.

But hey, the sun's shining so who cares!

At least we all agree that Lili at Creative Savv's easy freezey fruit sorbet is a winner!  This has been a HUGE hit with all the family.  It really is as EASY as freezing two tins of fruit (for a family of four) and sticking them in the food processor.  Cheap and healthy - sheer frugal genius!

This week we're experimenting with as many different fruits as possible (not all at once though)!  We've tried peaches and mandarins and both were delicious.

And of course you're not as stupid as me, so you won't cut your finger whilst trying to wrestle the frozen fruit out of the tin, because you'll read Lili's instructions properly and let it defrost slightly first!

Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Your experiences with the salads and the vegetables sounds exactly like my family. I love the vegetables and they tolerate them. They wish the could be carnivores.

    1. My lot like stuff plain and unadulterated - that means no olive oil, lemon juice, etc but I just can't resist!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    You got summer just about the time we did! We've had more than our share of rain this year too. On the plus side, no watering the lawn this year -- still all green!

    I love all the vegetables in summer. So fresh and light. I'm glad you liked the sorbet. I haven't tried it with mandarins yet. Will have to give that one a try. I also will just use home frozen berries that have been sugared before freezing. The sugar will only be partially crystalized after freezing, and will incorporate well with the berries, once run through the food processor.

    1. Mandarin is our favourite so far. Frozen berries would be good, and would reduce the health and safety risk for the clutzy cook!