Friday, 3 August 2012

Food Waste Friday - How mouldy would you go?

Sometimes I should take my own advice!  Ignore the better weather's higher temperatures at your peril, I warned last week, for food waste shall surely follow.  This week I left four nectarines on the sunny kitchen window sill to ripen, and two days later they were lovely and soft but also rather rotten! Boo hiss!

The carrots were also following the nectarines at a rate of knots.

When is mouldy too mouldy, I wondered?  But peeled the whole bagful and boiled them anyway.

Fortunately Rebecca at Doggone Thrifty provided the answer with a great blog post on what you can and can't eat, where mouldy food is concerned!  (I only wished I'd read it before I scraped a little bit of mould from the yogurt pot lid and poured the yogurt on my breakfast...)

Where do you draw the line when mould is involved?!

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it.


  1. Oh my, that's an interesting looking carrot. Yesterday, we got some lovely peaches, but they are very ripe. We are going to have to aggressively eat them or they will go the way of your nectarine.

  2. Hey Sarah... hmm yeah that's one mouldy're a braver woman than I haha! As for mould, I tend to work on the principle that veg is probably okay but dairy not. I'm having a debate over at mine today on parmesan, and whether to eat or not. No mould on it... hmm jury out!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I'll slice the mold off of a block of cheese. But most anything else I won't touch. I've heard that the mold cells/spores can travel through foods that are not extremely dense. So a piece of fruit or veg would have potentially bad stuff even where it still looks okay. But cheese is an extremely dense food, and the mold can not travel very well through it. Now if a moldy food has just been touching another food, like if in a bag of carrots one is moldy, but the rest are not, I tend to think it's safe to just wash off the rest of the items, and toss just the one moldy one.

  4. The offending carrot really only had a light dusting of surface black mould, honest, but maybe it should have been chucked! There's no point in risking our health in the name of zero food waste! So, differing opinions on mould...the Doggone Thrifty guide suggested that in fruit and veg it's ok to cut off the mould and eat the rest and dairy should be thrown out...but I don't know what the source was for that so I think I'm going to have look into this further!!