Friday, 17 August 2012

Food Waste Friday - It's all about the carrots...again...

Carrots again...back in May I promised I would never treat them badly again, so I'm trying really hard.  A couple of weeks ago I turned a blind eye to a few carrots with a light dusting of black mould.

It wasn't black mould this week, but a touch of fluffy white mould.  It really is just on the carrot tops, so we're not giving up on these carrots yet.

And there's one soggy courgette, but we'll gloss over that.  Let's stick with the carrot pampering session.

We'll chop those snow-capped peaks off and scrub the remaining carrots.  Looking good already!

Chopped, they're looking even better.

Stir fried, and that white fluffy mould is but a distant memory...

A positive attitude towards food waste is all it takes!

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it.


  1. That was some pretty impressive mold. Nice save.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Carrots again, hmmm. How do you store your carrots when you get them home from the market? Have you tried taking them out of the grocery plastic ba, wrapping in paper towels and then placing in a plastic bag? This works for me. In the fall I buy giant 25 pound bags of carrots. I sort them all, then place in bags wrapped in paper towels to keep the carrots from touching the plastic, but still holding moisture in.

    Good save on them, though.

  3. Good to know carrots that look like that can be saved! I don't usually have problems with carrots as when I get them each week I wash, peel and chop them up and then store them in the fridge in a glass container with a plastic lid. I also cover them in water. That way they last me the week and I don't have to do anything with carrots until the next week!

  4. Some good storage tips there! Most of the time my carrots come in a veg box so no plastic packaging; they then sit in a basket in a dark cupboard until use. This is usually fine but I think that the warm weather combined with school holidays (they aren't going in lunch boxes as much as they would do normally) means they're lying around longer and going mouldier quicker! I'll try harder this week and I don't think I'll be buying any 25 pound bags just yet - just imagine the mould!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment...I appreciate your concern over my carrots and carrot preservation in general!