Thursday, 30 August 2012

How to make a funky chicken card if you're a non-arty person!

When you keep chickens, you need a good team of chicken sitters to look after them when you are on holiday.

When you have a good team of chicken sitters, you need to keep them happy, so that they will keep chicken sitting for you.

The supply of fresh eggs keeps them very content, but we like to supplement that with a little something, and a thank you card never goes amiss either.

Have you ever tried to find a 'how-to' guide for making a chicken thank you card that doesn't involve Easter chicks popping out of eggs? It's not as easy as you'd think.  Especially if you are as artistically challenged as I am!  Music making and writing are more my thing. 

We had to create our own card idea, with a little help from Google Images.  We made them entirely by using and reusing bits and pieces that we already had in the house, so they cost us zilch.  Here's our idiot-proof guide to making a non-Easter chicken card.  Skilled greetings card makers and crafters can turn away now!

Step 1:

Find something to use as the card.  We found some sturdy recycled paper.  Draw an egg shaped body in pencil, and paint it the desired colour of your chicken!

Step 2:

Pencil some wings and paint them too.  It really doesn't matter if they look a bit rough because you can disguise a multitude of sins with a black highlighter pen at the end!

Step 3: 

Cut out beaks, wattles (the dangly bit under the beak) and combs from red and yellow card, and stick these onto your chicken.  You only need the tiniest amount of card for this.  We reused some old birthday cards.

Step 4:

Add some yellow or orange legs to your chicken!  We used a felt-tip pen.

Step 5:

When the paint is dry, outline your chicken and all its bits, with a black fineliner pen!

Step 6:

Ignore any comments from other adults in the house who might say, like my husband, "Aww, did you all go to playgroup today!"  These chicken cards are way better than a kindergartner would produce and are actually quite cute, especially to chicken lovers! (And don't worry, he took all his mean comments back very quickly, once he realised what works of art these cards truly were!)

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  1. Hi, this is "missing Sarah" here. I went out last weekend and parted with a wedge of cash but now have 3 lovely hens! Lilly, Ellie and Rhonda.
    I love your cards-what a great idea and they look really funky too. Will definitely make these for chicken sitters.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Fantastic to hear about your hens. We paid quite a lot for ours too, with the advantage that they came fully vaccinated etc. We have been repaid by the fact that the remaining two of the four are still really healthy, two years on, and still give us an egg a day each, as well as being lots of fun. I'm sure yours will pay you back in the joy you'll get from them, and in eggs too! Ooh and great to hear that you'll be doing the funky chicken cards!

  2. These look like they were a lot of fun to make. All of us need to do a bit of cutting, pasting, and painting for fun sometimes. And they are way better than a kindergartener can do.

    1. Yes, cutting, pasting and painting is very therapeutic!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    absolutely adorable! I love them! And will be copycatting yours.