Thursday, 20 September 2012

More frugal stuff by an Unbeautiful Blogger!

beautiful blogger award? Someone wanting to know seven things about me? There must have been some mistake, I thought!

A couple of weeks ago, some of this blog's regular readers who are also bloggers themselves, Creative Savv, Economies of Kale and Doggone Thrifty nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger award.  And this week, Living Simply Free nominated me for a '7 things' award.

My initial reaction was surprise and perplexity! The art of blogging is such that these lovely bloggers have never actually met or seen me. They don't know that I'm not really what you'd call a beautiful blogger. I have short, mousy brown (ignore the grey) hair.  I'm not very interested in fashion. I lead an ordinary life. My garden has plenty of weeds and my house is full of piles of laundry and paperwork.  This blog is not a thing of great beauty either, compared to some; the layout is a simple Blogger thing that I spent all of five minutes choosing, and photography is definitely not one of my strong points.

I investigated a little further, and all became apparent.  What a relief!  I wouldn't have to pay for a beautiful make-over or buy a beautiful new outfit, after all. This type of blog award gets passed from blog to blog, as a bit of blog promotion for all involved. You link back to your nominators, share some information about yourself, and link forward to a few blogs. There are so many of these chain-letter type awards that many experienced bloggers declare themselves Award-free or Tag-free.  

Conversely, the unscrupulous blogger could easily swipe a few Award linkys from Google Images, and plaster them all over their blog.

As I'm neither inundated with awards nor without scruples, this time I would like to honour the kindness of the nominators.  I appreciate their support and the time they take to read and comment here.

If you're really interested, here's some stuff about me, frugal stuff, of course!
  • Favourite frugal treat? Anything with ginger in it! Gingerbread, ginger wine, crystallised ginger, ginger biscuits, ginger tea...
  • Favourite frugal exercise? Walking. The only time I've ever set foot in a gym was to walk through one to get to the swimming pool.
  • Frugal vice? Acquiring second-hand books.  As fast as I get rid of a bag to the charity shop, new ones seem to appear.
  • Current favourite frugal read? Not Buying it by Judith Levine. (There should be a 'frugal summer reading' blog post coming your way soon, if I can ever get round to it.)
  • Favourite recent frugal purchase? A new metal pencil sharpener, and it's a real goodie! Worth every penny of the 60p I paid for it. I'm working my way through sharpening all the pencils in the house; what a grounding activity that is.
  • Top frugal heroines? The Grannies.  My Grannies were instinctively good guardians of their resources, and they managed it without reading a single blog on the matter! My Mum, who also classifies as a Granny, follows in their frugal footsteps, and is an inspiration.  Although we all know you can't teach a Granny to suck eggs, she kindly reads this blog.
  • Anything else beginning with 'f'? Flapjack. I have to go and make some for the packed lunches tomorrow.
For my seven blogs that I would recommend? Well, I don't want to overwhelm you with too many links in one post. I try and link to other blogs in the course of day-to-day blogging, but do go and check out my four nominators, check out these two below, and as for the lucky seventh?  Choose any blog from the 'Blogs I like' section on the right hand side, or from the blogs I follow on my profile! They're all award-worthy!

Rationing Revisited Having already downsized quite drastically, this family of five have given themselves the challenge of living on World War 2 rations to see if they can save money and become healthier.

Hertfordshire Mummy Although I don't live in Hertfordshire, and my children are older than Emma's, I always enjoy her blog posts, which are about her local area, parenting, and relevant products.


  1. It's good that you are getting rid of books as you get new ones. It is very easy to become over run with them. Our house is full of books, but in the last few years, I have gotten the other family members to let me donate some of them. I enjoyed reading about you other seven things.

    1. It's not a balanced equation yet I'm afraid! I think it's still more in than out... I'm getting better at letting go of novels that I'm never going to read again, but it's the non-fiction that I just might refer to again one day, that's harder!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    hearty congratulations to you, from across the very big pond (and a fair amount of land travel beyond that)!
    I adore gingerbread cookies. In fact they are my cookie of the month for both November and December. I'd make them in January, too, but the family begins to protest too much.

  3. I enjoyed how you decided to accept your awards. I totally understand your books, books were my first love in life and continue to be so. For quite some time I wanted to hold on to every book I ever read and enjoyed, but you should have seen my house as a result. I don't care for gingerbread, but give me something with pumpkin in it and I'm in heaven.

    1. I'm planning to try a few different pumpkin recipes this autumn, other than soup which is the pumpkin staple over here.

  4. Congratulations, it looks like a few of us like your blog :) I understand about the second-hand books, we have a huge used book sale here twice a year at the convention centre and I have to exercise a lot of restraint!

  5. Congratulations on your award! Have just come across your blog via 'my make do and mend year' blog and am so excited to find other like-minded bloggers living close by. Think we are in the same part of North Wiltshire and, if you are interested, I'm helping to run a Clothes Swap Party this Friday. More details on my blog if you would like to come along

    1. How exciting! Aside from the Views from the Bike Shed blog in Chippenham, you are possibly the most local commenter here ever! I have been over to your blog and the Clothes Swap looks great! Can't quite work out where you are? Colerne!?