Sunday, 7 October 2012

Food Waste Friday on a Sunday - King Alfred style

The Food Waste Friday round-up is a bit late here! A pre-teen birthday got in the way at the tail end of the week...the cooking, the entertaining, the sleepover and all that that entails...

And it brought its own food waste issues.

Homemade pasties were requested for the birthday packed lunch. Great! They used up a couple of potatoes, onions, veggie mince from the freezer and other store cupboard staples.

And a raspberry and cream sponge cake was declared the favourite for the birthday cake.  Couldn't be simpler. Gone are the days of making Postman Pat's van or Pocahontas' wigwam.

However, like another local baking hero, King Alfred the Great, (who burnt his cakes in Somerset after going on the run from the Vikings when they launched an attack on Chippenham, not so far from here), I managed to overcook one of the sponges.

Did I rant and rage? Yes! Did I stab a knife (blunt!) into the cake several times whilst ranting and raging? Yes! Did I consider making another sponge? Yes, until I realised I had just used up all the baking powder! Did I rant and rage some more? Yes!

But Food Waste Friday philosophy won through in the end!

I cut the good sponge in half and scraped the good part from the middle of the burnt sponge onto it to fatten it up.

Smothered in jam, raspberries and cream, you can hardly tell that there has been another baking disaster!

The good food waste news is that apart from the burnt cake, there was only one mouldy courgette to account for this week!

Find out more about King Alfred's baking disaster in a two minute BBC video excerpt with historian Lucy Worsley (link below - sorry I can't work out how to embed the actual video). I like her idea that the folk story could be representative of something more psychological for Alfred - I wonder what the burning of my cake represents for me?!

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it. 


  1. Great save on the cake! And it looks yummy. Oooh, I'm missing raspberry season already.

  2. I never would have thought of saving the cake that way, good job. I'm not a diva in the kitchen, baking was something my grandmother enjoyed and for me something I only did when I had to.

  3. I love the cake save. Even though I don't like raspberries, they look great on the cake.