Thursday, 18 October 2012

Say it with flowers? No thanks - a washing line will do me fine!

Thirteen years ago this week, we tied the knot.

Twelve years ago this week, we were 11 days into our parenting journey.

Our baby, not yet two weeks old, was recovering from her second major operation. Not surprisingly, I don't recall that we had much of a first wedding anniversary celebration.

Maybe that set the tone for succeeding anniversaries. October is always a thankful time - full of thankfulness for a family life that so easily might not have been - but we've never made much of the wedding anniversary. No flamboyant romantic gestures, no flowers, no cards, no gifts and no surprises.

Perhaps it's because in the context of October 2000's events those things seem unimportant or maybe it's because we prefer the everyday romantic gestures.

 This week that includes:

  • The gift of a new £1 washing line to replace my broken rotary washing line.

  • A crazy paving refurbishment project (still crazy after all these years!)
  • Taking the time to drink a cup of tea together after work, instead of rushing headlong into the chores.

  • Date nights every night - candle-lit evening meals. OK, I am cheating a little on this one - the kids are there too!
But you get my drift. I'm sure that where romance is concerned, "What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while." (Gretchen Rubin).

As if my washing line wasn't enough, we received a couple of cards, one of which included a great example of re-use/upcycling - spot how that card has been cut and given a new back!

And my clever children have found that unbeknownst to me, Fry's Peppermint Cream and Fry's Orange Cream is sold at the newsagents at the top of the road, and spent their pocket money on us accordingly! 

A wedding anniversary that includes a washing line, crazy paving and Fry's Peppermint Cream! What more could a girl ask for?


  1. Let's see. "Little things mean a lot." or "Actions speak louder that words." I think your life with your husband are prime examples of these sayings.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary. I agree what you do every day is more important than what is done one day a year. I'm also happy for you that your child pulled through. It looks to me that you have a great life.

    1. Thanks Lois! Of course the blog highlights the best bits, but life is good and I make sure I appreciate it - I guess the blog helps me do that.

  3. Happy anniversary xx such simple things can still mean so much xx enjoy xx

    1. Thanks Kim - you're right about the simple things. :-)

  4. You're my kinda woman. I was thrilled when DH made me a three part composting system from salvaged wood ;) Happy anniversary and what thoughtful, loving presents and presence you had ;)

    1. Ooh a salvaged three part composting system! How exciting! Sounds just like my hubby's favourite sort of project! :-)

  5. Happy anniversary to you both! It is definitely the everyday that counts. May you both enjoy many, many more years together!