Sunday, 18 November 2012

Calling Mrs Armstrong...

There were two winners in the recent Chocolate giveaway. I'm hoping Sue at the Quince Tree has eaten all of her Fry's Chocolate Creams by now, and I'm also hoping Mrs Armstrong is still reading the blog, because she was a winner too, and I'd love for her to claim her prize.

The fact that she may have missed the blog post announcing her success, has provided the opportunity for a really tough experiment in self-discipline amongst all family members here.

Her chocolate bars have been sitting in the cupboard for nearly a month now, and I've lost count of the times I've heard any of the following:

"Have you written on your blog to Mrs Armstrong yet?"

"Do you think Mrs Armstrong still wants the chocolate?"

"Is it OK if I open this?"

and Husband likes to see my response when he rustles any packet in the vicinity of the chocolate bars..."Noooooo!"

I have to confess that I may, just may, have delayed this blog post, in order to test them all a teeny bit more!

I've nearly caved in and tucked into the choccy bars myself, but one of the stories I remember from my childhood, possibly from Listen With Mother, is the story of the chocolate kittens. 

The details have become blurred over the passage of time, but it involved a little girl who bought a box of chocolate kittens for a present for someone, and ended up eating them herself. First she had one, then just one more, and finally she decided she might as well eat the whole box. I recall that she felt a little poorly, knew she had done wrong, and there was trouble the next day! I know that Mrs Armstrong's Fry's Chocolate Creams could easily go that way, so I'm not going to risk the guilt, the tummy ache, or if I did need to buy a replacement, the chance that the special 4 pack offer has ended!

Interesting as it would be to see just how long we could hold out, and who would be the first person in the family to crack, I think this chocolate deserves its rightful home.

Mrs Armstrong, if you're reading, pop me an email with your address, and your treats will be on their way!


  1. There is a happy ending and a moral to this story! Mrs Armstrong had been there all along, in the email spam folder, so she will be getting her chocolate. Note to self: always remember to check the spam folder for giveaway winners!

  2. Just found your blog - so commenting on past posts. I don't know where from but the Kitten story lodged in my brain during childhood. I have never been able to remember where I heard/read it - but the descriptions of the chocolate kittens have stayed with me ever since. How lovely to find someone else you knows it too!

    1. Welcome to the blog Anna! I guess we both identified with the little girl's dilemma. I can't remember it as a picture book, and I couldn't find any trace of a book on Google, so not sure where it came from. A chocolate kitten mystery!

  3. Hi. I remember this short story too. It was in a book with another story about a rocking horse that comes to life, I recall. If anyone knows what the book was called I'd love to know!

    1. My Dad (who had read the story to me and remembered it well) did try and see if he still had the book, but as far as I know couldn't find it. He also tried a little google research but it led him right back to this blog and another blog also, so it wasn't very fruitful!