Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmassy things #6 - Christmas Playlist

It's a busy time for amateur musicians; from the end of November, all of us have been performing here, there and everywhere. 

We've sung and strummed and plucked and hummed, at venues from Bristol to Bradford-on-Avon, from friends' living rooms to a large auditorium.

The repertoire, whether from the 17th or the 21st century, has been eclectic, and has included everything from the massed West and North Wiltshire junior orchestras and choirs playing a Grease medley and Walking in the Air and a select group of local string and flute players performing Charpentier's Noel pour les Instruments, to a solo Son playing the Beatles' Can't Buy Me Love, and all of us have performed Christmas classics such as Do they know it's Christmas? and The Twelve Days of Christmas in various concerts.  

I can't choose a favourite, so here are three that we have enjoyed (although played and sung rather more professionally than the versions we have been involved this Christmas season!) The first two were sung by school choirs; whether you're a Gary Barlow fan or a Tears for Fears fan, or not, there's something very moving about young voices singing these songs (albeit not your traditional Christmas fare) with heart and soul.

What's on your Christmas playlist this year?


  1. All of these are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. your music choices were beautiful and inspiring.

    Thank you
    Have a wonderfuk Christmas


  3. I keep the radio in the car and in the kitchen tuned to a station that plays continuous Christmas music. The house feels empty to me, this time of year, if there isn't music playing.

    Sarah, have a very merry Christmas! Blessings!