Friday, 25 January 2013

Food Waste Friday for the strong stomached - Burns Night (or things that look like p**)

Hooray! It's a good food waste week. Or rather a good lack of food waste week.

Only a little bit of bread and rice for the chickens.

And this.

Thing that looks like p** - specimen 1

It was originally a really nice pear and chocolate sponge, but the last morsel got overlooked and had been in the fridge since I don't know when. In real life it didn't look so human waste-like and I can assure you that that wasn't the reason it didn't get eaten.

Moving swiftly on; 25th January is Burns Night, celebrating the birth of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

At this time of year, I'll clutch at anything that will bring a bit of celebratory spirit into the house, so it doesn't matter that we're not Scottish and don't know anything about Burns really. Tonight I'm happy to show solidarity with my Scottish friends and eat haggis. Veggie haggis naturally. I won't take my pseudo Scottishness so far as to start messing around with stomachs and livers and other offal, although I know it's probably a very frugal option. Fortunately the veggie alternative is frugal too.

I found my recipe on the Guardian website here. Unfortunately I made the mistake of reading through the readers' comments on the recipe, which made a lot of reference to the photo of the veggie haggis' similarity to....., you've guessed it. (I hope that by getting that out of the way, I'll save you from leaving a comment here suggesting the same thing. Although you lot are a much more polite bunch than the snidey types who leave comments on the Guardian website.)

Thing that looks like p** - specimen 2, served with 
tatties and neeps (and cabbage)

Son couldn't get over the eew factor, and wouldn't eat it, but the rest of us thought it was delicious. It's certainly very filling, and there's none left over so you needn't worry about any more unaesthetically pleasing photos of haggis in next week's FWF blog post. We didn't follow the traditional Burns Night protocol, and we hadn't got the Address to the Haggis to hand, so we made do with the Silver Tassie instead (not the most appropriate poem for our dry January).

To be honest, I had really planned to get a MacSween's veggie haggis. Always tasty and hitherto, cheap. There were none in the local supermarket and the health food shop proprietor said he has stopped stocking them as they have become too expensive. Which is a shame, as I for one, would be happy to try and balance two veggie haggises on my shoulders.

Kate and Veg
There are several versions of the veggie haggis 
according to the MacSween website.

Fortunately the Guardian version wasn't too difficult to make. I had most of the ingredients in the kitchen already, and I'm inspired to see what else I can do with pinhead oatmeal, other than the obvious.

If you think cooking haggis would be a faff and you would prefer to catch a wild haggis, watch this short Scottish film, about wild food foraging! (The haggis catching is at the end).

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it. This week you can find Food Waste Friday hosted by 
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  1. Very interesting about Burns Night and veggie haggis. I didn't know there was a veggie version. I believe the other version is prohibited from sale in the US. You couldn't get me to taste it, anyways. But the veggie, now that may be a possibility.

  2. I just lost my comment in comment land somewhere. In summary, interesting, but I think I would have a texture problem with the added oatmeal in the veggie haggis although the ingredients look tasty.

    1. Haggis without the oatmeal wouldn't be haggis! The oatmeal absorbs some of the liquid and supposedly gives it a firmer texture. It definitely ensures that some of it burns on the bottom of the pan!

  3. We also entered into the spirit and attempted to procure a Macsween's veggie or meat haggis, both are delicious (veggie one is nicer). As I was unsuccessful I purchased another make of meat haggis - however it was different from haggis I've eaten in the past, it was so incredibly offally. When we checked the proportions of the ingredients, we discovered the only meat bit was lambs lungs. Next year we are following your veggie recipe!!!!

    1. Lambs lungs are just why I prefer the veggie version!!!

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