Thursday, 24 January 2013

Simple Things - the Seasons

One of my very favourite things about blogging has been the fact that in my 8 months of writing I have been more aware than ever of this tilted earth's journey around the sun. It seems ironic that blogging, a digital activity that is not at all weather dependent or bound by the calendar should help heighten such sensory awareness, but for me, it has. 

Here in the south west of the UK, the season's boundaries can sometimes seem blurred into weeks and months of mild damp greyness, but I know for sure that although 2012 was a wet year it wasn't always raining.

In spring there were fresh green leaves, blossom and seedlings, even if we did end up with a poor harvest.

In the summer there were some hot, lazy days with picnics, swimming and outdoor dominoes.

And just two and a half short months ago, the woods were afire with orange and yellow leaves.

Now there is snow on the ground, and a snowman and a snowdog in the garden. After a monochrome week, it seems that it was always like this, but I know that just like the blossom, the shade of the summer trees, and the vibrant autumnal colours, the snow too will soon pass.

"No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn." Hal Borland


  1. I keep looking at my calendar and thinking "January will be over soon". For me, I begin to feel hopeful about spring in February, as the crocuses begin to pop through the soil.

    I grew in California, and much of the year was seasonless. I don't remember leaves falling from trees, or bare trees in winter. My dad's roses seemed to bloom year round. And to see snow, we had to visit my grandparents in Utah. It's nice, now, to live someplace with actual seasons, although here in Seattle, the saying is "there's autumn, and there's not quite autumn".

  2. My blog has helped my with my perspective also. Not just with weather, but with other events. Nice pictures to remind us of the great variety that is available to us.

  3. It's good to be reminded that it doesn't rain everyday!

  4. Roll on Spring!