Thursday, 11 April 2013

How many chocs can a choc chick chuck?

Last week when my sister and my nieces were staying, it seemed the ideal opportunity for having a go at the Choc Chick raw chocolate making kit that I'd been given for Christmas. I mean, it wasn't as if any of us had eaten many Easter eggs in the preceding week or anything...

It's much easier than I imagined it would be. The cocoa butter (there was 100g in my kit) is melted:

You then add 6 table spoons of the raw cacao powder, and 2-3 table spoons of the Sweet Freedom natural sweetener that comes with the kit (or Agave Syrup). The raw chocolate enthusiasts amongst you will not be pleased to hear that we also added some golden syrup, as it was just too cocoa-y or cacao-y for the young palates that were helping me.

By this point it is a runny chocolatey liquid and can be made into chocolates by filling ice cube trays. We added mini marshmallows, nuts and cranberries to some of ours. (NB The Choc Chick company people pride themselves on their gluten free, white-sugar free, vegetarian, organic, generally all round healthy recipes, so probably would NOT endorse the addition of golden syrup or marshmallows...)

Chocolate making is so simple it can even be done in your pyjamas or onesie!

A good suggestion by one niece was to use some of the chocolate to coat strawberries (which kind of made up for the syrup/marshmallow aberration).

Then the choc chicks had to wait for the chocolates to solidify. Which doesn't take long in the fridge. Our mixture made 27 chocolates plus several chocolate coated strawberries - it's surprising how quickly 7 people can eat this many. No chocs had to be chucked!

There is plenty of the raw cacao powder (ethically sourced from South America) and Sweet Freedom syrup left so I can purchase more cocoa butter (from the Choc Chick website if I so wish) and make some more chocolates.

When my kids evaluate things, they use a method they have learned at school: two stars and a wish. (Two positive things and one area for improvement).

So, my two stars for the chocolates? Delicious and really quite professional looking (even though the photo of the finished product is, as ever, not very professional at all). And my wish? If only I had not got muddled up and had not told my sister that it was such a wonderful gift to receive from my lovely sister-in-law, at which point my sister looked rather crestfallen and pointed out that actually she, herself, had given it to me. Oops! Sorry sis! I obviously need to eat more raw chocolate with all those memory improving anti-oxidants and flavanols...

Save the earth it has chocolate!

Any chocolate making tips to share? Any ideas for sourcing ingredients?


  1. I love the phrase,"Two stars and a wish." We often evaluate things whether it is a new place we have visited or a new recipe. I will be using this phrase a lot. And for the chocolate? It looks heavenly.

  2. Yum, those chocolates look delicious :) I like the idea of using it on strawberries. How did they hold up out of the fridge? I imagine they would melt less slowly than my coconut oil ones.

  3. You are now a chocolatier. Well done! We have never made chocolate, just melted it in the moulds. This sounds much more impressive and educational. I LOVE the graphic at the end. A brilliant reason (#3478) for saving the world...

  4. Looks delicious! And a perfect thought for the upcoming Earth Day! :)