Sunday, 5 May 2013

Does what it says in the Kiddiwalks book...

Firstly, don't forget to enter the bank holiday book giveaway! (Details here).

The giveaway is for a Kiddiwalks book from Countryside Books. The Kiddiwalks books cover many of England's counties. As I said in Friday's blog post - don't be put off by the 'Kiddi' part; the walks are great fun for kiddis AND those of us that are now only kiddis at heart rather than in body. 

We put our Kiddiwalks in Wiltshire book to the test again yesterday when we went for a walk on the Pewsey Downs. Our area of North Wiltshire is geologically more like the Cotswolds, so the chalky downland landscape is very different, and once we'd got past Devizes, the kids were exclaiming that it felt 'just like being on holiday!' That's exactly what you want from a Mayday bank holiday outing. 

The walk starts at the Pewsey Downs National Nature Reserve free car park (GR 116637). From here there are walks in all directions but this Kiddiwalk heads west. We had the Ordnance Survey map of the area, and although we could probably have managed with the book's sketch map and by following our noses, it was a useful cross reference.

The book promised fine views on a clear day and this was certainly the case. Up on the hilltops it really did feel as if we could see forever, or at least as if the whole of Wiltshire was laid before us. The only down side of the downs is that it's very exposed and breezy up there, and everyone agreed that battling the wind made it feel as though the walk was longer than 2.75 miles.

Hair blowing sideways across face - Beaufort Scale 6?

There was plenty of interest from the Wansdyke, a two part bank and ditch earthwork, the origin of which is unclear. Maybe it marks what would have been the limit of North Wessex, or maybe it was a Romano-British defence against the Saxons. Most importantly to us, it provided some shelter for our picnic.

Possibly the only time I've eaten a picnic wearing woolly hat,
sunglasses, suncream  AND a waterproof!

And an opportunity for Son to take some of his lying-on-the-ground photos. Later on in the year, the area is especially good for orchids, but at the moment there are plenty of cowslips and dandelions!

There were views of the Alton Barns White Horse from up close, and a cake break at Adam's Grave, a late Neolithic long barrow.

All in all, another successful Kiddiwalk. If only I could enter the book giveaway myself!


  1. Looks like so much fun (except for the wind). Someday, I'd like to see one of those white horses up close. I find the whole idea of them fascinating.

    1. I'd like to get round to seeing all 8 of the Horses that are still visible. Only seen 3 so far! More info here:

  2. I looks like fun, even with the wind :)

    1. Yes it was, and having extra family along meant the younger members of the party didn't grumble about the wind.

  3. Replies
    1. It was! I checked out your cycle ride and that looked fun too.