Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tidy Friday - Keep Calm and Eat Fish

Food Waste Friday rolled around again. Every week at the moment, we are frustratingly close to zero waste, apart from a couple of mouldy things. Can you guess what these are?

It took me a minute to identify them as small turnips that had been lurking in the dark cupboard where I keep my vegetables, for too long.

If we throw away just two food items each week that still adds up to 104 turnips/carrots/onions a year. Imagine buying that amount in one go and throwing them all way? What a waste.

Fortunately I didn't let any of the trout (caught and given to us by a neighbour) go to waste. That would have made for very smelly food waste next week.

In our house there's an unwritten law of fish eating. The more squeamish about fish bones you are, the more bones you will find in your fish and the more fish bones you find, the more squeamish about them you become. Even if it's a very large trout with very large fish bones and I have been through it with a fine tooth comb before it reached the table. And even if you have heard my lecture on fish eating several times. ("Look at what you're eating before it goes in your mouth, concentrate, eat slowly, don't gobble, don't talk at the same time as you're eating, stay calm". Mindfulness in action!)

That meant there was quite a lot of the very large trout left for me, the least squeamish fish eater. What a treat, fish bones and all.

What about the other aspect of Tidy Friday? The battle against clutter in the rest of the house?

It was what I would call a consolidation week! There's not much point in decluttering a new area if the recently decluttered areas are filling up again, so we tidied Son's room and the porch. How much easier it is to keep on top of emptier spaces. 

We are also 7 items of clothing less, thanks to Ebay. This was Ebay at its best, items listed in less than an hour, all paid soon after the auction ended, and all posted in one go yesterday. If only Ebay always went as swimmingly. 

Busy times and sunshine result in less decluttering.

(I'm busy making music at the moment, and some of you local readers wanted to know when you might see the acoustic folk band I play in. The Heartful Dodgers are now updating our appearances regularly on our Facebook page and our next appearance is at the Pound Arts Centre, Corsham, tomorrow from 1.30pm, as part of Corsham Festival's FREE family fun day!)

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it. This week you can find Food Waste Friday hosted by 
Simply Being Mum.


  1. I don't usually like the taste of fish, so bone picking is never worth it for me.

    1. How about tinned fish? Different taste and no bones.

  2. I had to throw away some rotten potatoes that had been "lost" in the back of my cupboard for who-knows-how-long the other day. Just now reading about the "104" turnips (or maybe potatoes in my case) wasted over the course of a year is making me realize just how much wasted food I probably toss every year.

    1. Thinking about it this way was a bit of an eye opener this week for me too, especially as the food waste is often more than just two turnips.

  3. Hi,
    do you send your items recorded? I sold a nice jumper once and the buyer said they never received it, I didn't believe her. Do you send recorded?

    Sarah x

    1. No, I never send recorded unless somebody asks for it. I always get a proof of postage though (which is free). I've never had any problems with people not receiving stuff, but I have had it the other way round - I never received something I bought once.

  4. I've yet to venture onto ebay, though my husband has sold a lot of camera equipment, and most all of his transactions have been positive. d

    Like Heather, I've had the misfortune of finding waylaid potatoes, never a treat.

    Do you play an instrument? You should post a recording on your site!


    1. Ebay can be time consuming and a hassle, but when it works smoothly like this week it's great. Yes, I play fiddle, recorder and sing, and we are working on getting some recordings on our FB page and for our future website. We've got some videos but they're not great quality.

  5. You are so right about the fish bones! I rarely find any and I love fish and a fish bone hater close to me finds them all the time! You are also right about the positives of this, as it means there is usually more fish for me to eat!