Friday, 28 June 2013

Tidy Friday - Things that look like p** II

Remember 'things that look like p** I'? The completely unaesthetically appealing but delicious left over chocolate cake?

Last week there was another p**-like specimen. Revolting I know. Even the willow pattern plate can't disguise the fact that this is one yucky...CARROT.  At least you know I'm not making this stuff up. 

If I was falsifying the evidence there'd be different food items wasted here every week to make for more interesting reading. And they'd be just a little bit gooey, not full on disgusting. An asparagus spear here, a fennel bulb there and the odd wafferr thin mint. But no, it's carrots all the way. Again, and again, and AGAIN. If you do a search for carrots on this blog the results will return 8 weeks, yes that's two whole months, worth of Food Waste Friday posts devoted to carrots...white mouldy ones, black mouldy ones, ones with black AND white mould, green mouldy ones, cooked ones that were forgotten about, the lucky ones that narrowly escaped becoming food waste, and now we have the ones that skulk in plastic bags. A warning to you all; this is what happens when you leave a carrot in a plastic bag in a cupboard, for over a month:

Oh, and there was more.

A kiwi and an apricot had a bite taken out of them by a child, and were then rejected for being too hard and crunchy. I don't know why I hung onto half eaten fruit until it went mouldy, but I did.

And while the carrots and soft fruit have been silently decomposing, the ongoing decluttering and house contents simplifying exercise has gone rather quiet too.

Just a bit of half-hearted, pretend decluttering.

You know the sort. Where you thin out some piles of paperwork, and easily recycle the stuff that doesn't need to be kept, but procrastinate extremely on the filing of the stuff that does. Mostly because the filing system itself is also full to bursting and needs pruning. And so it goes. This decluttering business is neverending (and dare I say it, a little bit dull). 

Food Waste Friday was dreamt up by, to encourage people to use up food instead of waste it. This week you can find Food Waste Friday hosted by 


  1. Handling paperwork and filing is a big problem here. So many reasons, but whatever they are, it always seems as if we are WAY behind. Our strategy is waiting until things are no longer important and we can get rid of them instead of filing them. :)

    1. My strategy precisely! I halved my paperwork pile last week using that method!

  2. Perhaps you could relabel the food waste 'compost ready'. You can totally bypass the compost pile with these babies - already cooked!
    Decluttering - totally boring. So many more fun things to do with life. That's why I fiercely guard the front door and don't let anyone bring new things in..
    But oh, the paper! It sneaks in in those pesky envelopes disguised as mail..I must talk to the postman.

  3. Decluttering paper is so hard. What to toss? What to keep? If I throw this away will it come back to haunt me? I hate it.