Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Everyday Life On A Shoestring - the Wimbledon Special rerun!

Even if you take only a passing interest in tennis, you're probably aware of who won the Wimbledon Men's final on Sunday.

I've heard a lot of discussion on the radio this week about whether the UK is doing enough to support young sportsmen and women to move through the ranks in tennis and other sports, and whether all the talk of the 'Olympic legacy' is becoming a reality. Well, regardless of what's going on elsewhere in the UK, I'm pleased to say that we are playing our part here when it comes to youth sport and so, in honour of Andy Murray (and our deceased rotary washing line), I cannot resist re-running our Wimbledon Special blog post from this time last year...

"If you're living in the UK, you can't have escaped the fact that today we have a Brit, Andy Murray, in the Wimbledon Men's final!  As I write, he is battling Roger Federer to become the first home winner since Fred Perry in 1936.

Here at Everyday Life On A Shoestring, we like to play lawn tennis too.  Ever played frugal swingball?  It's great fun!


  1. Ha ha! Loving frugal swingball! Always good to find a double purpose for those washing dryers. When I was little we would throw a huge blanket over it and turn it into a sort of tent house! Sam xx

  2. Now that looks like a lot of fun. Did that move the base of the dryer at all?

    1. Well, the pole was planted into a hole in a concrete base. It did snap in the end so the rotary washing line is no more, but this was due more to the prevailing wind. The pole kept bending and shearing. We kept cutting it off until it was too short even for me to use!