Friday, 5 July 2013

Me and the blog get to go out for the night! (And you could come along too!)

Blogging has brought connections far and wide. There are the wonderful commenters I've 'met' from very, very far afield and there have also been the very, very local connections. Not only have I discovered other local bloggers (Frugal Living, Veg Plotting, Views from the Bike Shed, Knee-High Tales, Spindles and Sprockets) but we got involved with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Slim Your Bin project, and through that, have hooked up with the local Transition Towns' group, Transcoco.

And then there's the Potterne Springs WI! They're a not long formed, funky WI group based in Potterne, near Devizes, on a mission to be part of a modern Women's Institute. Their strapline? "It's not all jam and Jerusalem you know!"

Reducing waste is the theme for this month's WI meeting, and Jen Gale (from My Make Do and Mend Year), Emma Croft (Wiltshire Wildlife Trust) and I are going along to talk and run some 'hands on' activities.

Bath bomb making rehearsal for Monday's Wi event!

My part of the evening will offer the ladies (and gentlemen) the chance to make some eco cleaning/toiletry products, and to 'upcycle' satsuma/onion bags into washing up scourers, and of course to talk about reducing food waste. 

If this doesn't sound thrilling enough (and I have to say that when I invited some of my younger male satsuma bag collecting colleagues to the event, they weren't exactly left speechless by the idea of scourer making!), fortunately Jen's got an even more exciting upcycling project involving T shirts and sewing machines, and Emma will be talking about the work of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. 

AND there's a 'give and take' table. 

AND there's tea and cakes (the best bit). 

AND it's all FREE! 

AND you can come along too. Visitors are most welcome.  
The meeting is on Monday 8 July, 8 - 10pm, at the Wiltshire Scout Centre, Potterne Wick, Wiltshire, SN10 5QT

AND you'll all get to come along virtually anyway, whether you like it or not, because of course I'll post some pics here next week!


  1. That sounds like a great night :) I'll be first in line when you take the show on the road and tour Australia :)

    1. I'm sure there must be a WI out there who'd pay our expenses...

  2. I wish there were something like that here! It sounds great, and I'd love to meet all the people who are there. I fear upcycling hasn't quite caught on in my neighborhood ...


  3. I'm looking forward to the report on your meeting. Sounds like a lot of fun and you just might learn something.

    1. You're right - I learnt quite a few things and will be reporting back soon!

  4. Thanks for giving our WI event a plug Sarah! Hope some of your lovely followers will be able to join us too - the more the merrier! Look forward to seeing you then... :) X