Wednesday, 21 August 2013

River Walk - August

Every month (well, nearly every month) this year, we've been walking the walk. The river walk. Partly because it's a great local walk, and partly to notice the seasonal changes.

What was new for August?

  • The first excitement was a wasp sting double whammy! Son and Husband walked through some long grass and got stung at the same time. Sometimes wearing shorts is not such a good idea. Guess which one of them screamed the loudest, made the biggest fuss and has the most swollen leg? 

  • Cattle cooling off in the river! So the kids had to find a new paddling place further up stream.

New paddling spot!

  • The Chinese Lanterns are growing again. I wonder when they'll change colour?

Chinese Lanterns, 2 January 2013

  • There are lots of thistles flowering, which are very popular with the bumble bees. Their legs were coated in pollen.

  • And the view up the Bybrook Valley? Completely lush, leafy and green, and where has the cottage at the bottom of the valley gone? So different to the winter and the long wintry spring!

View up the Bybrook Valley, 11 August 2013.

The view up the Bybrook Valley
looked like this for the first four months of  2013!


  1. Your pictures remind me of a book I had as a child which showed the same view through the year, loved that book but can't remember what it was.

    1. I had a book like that too and can't remember what it was either!

  2. The question is, you may have walked the walk, but did you talk the talk?

  3. Wow, its looking very lovely and lush. Ive loved seeing the pics, reckon you should do the same on a different walk next year. :o)

    1. Thanks Kiwijo! It's been fun walking the walk in real life so it's good to know that a bit fun might have translated to the blog! Good idea for 2014!

  4. What a beautiful idea. Have you taken photos every month? It would be so fun to see all twelve lined up at the end of the year.