Saturday, 21 December 2013

#Christmas - miscellany

Every year we find that as soon as we start lighting the advent candle, time speeds up daily, maybe aided by the fact that the days are getting shorter here, literally. There's suddenly rather a lot to do in a short time, and whenever I think about trying to put together a coherent blog post, I can only find incoherence! So here are some random Christmas fragments from a fragmented Christmas mind.
  • Why is it so difficult to burn exactly a day's worth of the Advent candle at a time? We either get a few days behind or leave it alight too long...

  • I had been feeling a little frugal smugness that I purchased Christmas cards in the January sales, and managed not to lose them in the intervening months; but both children ploughed through my collection of half price but tasteful cards, writing them for all their classmates...Note to self: pursue same strategy of buying cards in January but buy a lorry load. 
  • Son has gone crazy for making little Christmas gift boxes out of old Christmas cards. We learnt to make these sweet no-glue boxes at a Christmas zero waste stall. They're really simple to make but Son can remember how to make them much better than I can! For a really good tutorial click here

  • This year we've been enjoying lots of traditional carols at the various Christmas concerts we've been to, but it's always refreshing to discover a carol that you haven't heard before.

  • We've found a solution to our Christmas dinner dilemma. Having rehomed four hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust, we were concerned about what we would put on our plates this Christmas. 

I was all for a vegetarian alternative, but this met with protestation from some family members. As a compromise we've found a small free range Turkey from Lidl that falls within our budget.

How's your Christmas coming along?


  1. How do your cats like the candle? I remember the first time we lit a candle around a cat we used to have, she swatted at it and got wax on her paw. Of course that was hot, and she wasn't happy. We don't do candles anymore. There are just too many cats to keep track of.

    1. They seem to have learnt to avoid candles which is lucky as I love candles and would hate to do without. And amazingly the Christmas tree is surviving too!

  2. That's a lovely new carol. New carols never seem to make it into general circulation ( if you know what I mean) which is sad I think.

  3. What a great way to recycle old Christmas cards. I will be trying that out for sure.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    2 of my kids were very into origami, and I've always hit at least one of them up for box-making! I'd forgotten about using old cards to make boxes. I'll have to go through our stack and make a couple for some small gifts. Thanks for the reminder!

    To try and remain partially sane, I'm breaking the last of Christmas jobs into small bits. Today, I'm baking cookies and making spiced nuts to take to friends after church, tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll wrap gifts (we have zero gifts under our tree, it looks a little sad). Monday, I'll make the last of the stocking stuffer treats (poppycock, spiced nuts and peanut brittle). Then Tuesday, I'll begin Christmas dinner preparations. I am hoping that I haven't overlooked anything spectacularly important.

    Have a blessed Christmas, Sarah!

  5. I love the idea of reusing old Christmas cards :) Happy Christmas to you and your family :)