Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Santa comes to town!

Yesterday Santa arrived in our street. It's always an exciting moment and along with the start of advent, signals the beginning of the festive season for us. I blogged about it last year too, here! 

Santa float 2013!

Santa and his helpers park at the top of our road ready to start their evening's fundraising work (for the Lion's Club to pay for Christmas dinners for the people who will be dining alone this Christmas), and he hops aboard a brightly lit float pulled by a tractor, whilst his companions get ready to shake their buckets. 

We consider ourselves the lucky ones. Not only do we see Santa come down our street, but if we run down the alley by the side of our house we see him go along the neighbouring street too. If we're really alert, we see the float returning back up our street at full speed a couple of hours later - Santa probably slumped in his seat, carols no longer being broadcast, and everyone eager to get back to their cars with buckets hopefully full.

For extra seasonal cheer I've added 'A simple Christmas' button on the tool bar at the top of the blog. If you click on the button you should find links to all the blog posts I've ever written that could possibly be useful at this time of year! Lots of recipes, photos, and Everyday Life on a Shoestring traditions, and even some Christmas jokes.


  1. Santa used to come down our street on a fire engine. Not only were the kids excited, I was too.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I remember when Santa came to your town last year! My how time flies!