Thursday, 23 January 2014

Keeping January upbeat...

I'm working hard to ensure January's jolly not bleak. Part of the strategy involves music therapy - good tunes. Learning to play some new ones on my fiddle, listening to the radio and CDs (no fancy technology for me), and even better, live, and even better than that, live and completely free (apart from the price of a ginger beer).

How I love my local arts centre and its once-a-month Free Fridays! Last week they brought us The Flamenco Thief, otherwise known as Craig Sutton from Warminster. The bar was so crowded, and me being so short, I couldn't actually see him (until he had to weave his way through the crowd to get to the loo in the interval). His guitar playing and clever trickery with a loop machine thing was still toe-tappingly fantastic though, and thanks to Youtube I could enjoy it all over again, complete with visuals this time, once I got home. 

Is there anything on your January playlist that's helping you beat the seasonal blues? 


  1. One thing I love to do in January is look up "Best Music of 2013" lists online, on Allmusic, Pitchfork, etc and listen to new bands - love it! We usually go to a live show once a month.

  2. The Flamenco Thief plays some riveting music. I really don't listen to that much music. That's something I should do more. However, recently I spent a week with my sister and we sang a lot--harmonizing when we would and laughing when we couldn't.