Sunday, 9 March 2014

Give and Take, Give and Bake...

So, what did I take from the Give and Take day last weekend?

I took home the same amount of things that I gave which amounted to a paltry four things. Have I really simplified my life so much that all I could find to give away was four measly items? I wish. The truth of the matter is I have a huge pile of clutter accumulating in my bedroom. Daughter has signed up for a World Challenge Expedition in 2015 where she is expected to fund the trip herself through sponsored events, enterprising schemes, babysitting and the like. Part of her income generating strategy is selling stuff on eBay and at a car boot sale so that's where most of our surplus stuff is destined at the moment.

However a pink ballet bag and some kitchen utensils were liberated from the World Challenge pile and Given.

I told myself that on no account should I bring home more things than I donated and I stuck to my word. My Takens were: 

Exhibit No. 1: 

The biscuit jar. Does what it says on the jar.

Exhibit No. 2

One willow pattern plate to go with all my other mismatched willow pattern plates. 

Exhibit No. 3

The Best-ever Bread Cookbook. This has already proved its worth (groan at the breadmaking pun) and Son was kept busy last Sunday afternoon making his first ever loaf of bread.

Exhibit No. 4

The CD Trouble by Ray LaMontagne.

None of the four items were things that we desperately needed but as each one has been put to use, read or listened to already, I think we can call it a success all round!


  1. Looks like some good "takens". Did you son like making the bread? When my nephew was about your son's age, he got interested in making bread and developed a successful bread business for himself. He moved onto other things after a couple of years, but still brings delicious bread to all of the family gatherings.

    1. My son did like making bread. He's been inspired by his Uncle...I read a magazine article while I was waiting at the Doctors the other day about a teenage boy, like your nephew, who set up his own micro business baking bread for friends and neighbours as a way of earning some pocket money. What a great idea.

  2. You did well, Sarah! Doesn't look like any junk, and it's all very useful!
    Thanks for letting us know what you took away.