Wednesday, 26 March 2014

#saveabanana day!

Today was Save a Banana day over at the Guardian Live Better project! 

Banana recipes, jokes, videos, slippery banana skins, amazing name it - they've got it. There's even a 'friendly banana' drawing competition for kids.

According to WRAP (via the Guardian), a staggering 1.4m bananas are thrown away each day. For once, I have no food waste guilt on this front. I can barely keep up with the demand for bananas in this house, so we are rarely in a position to be throwing any out.

We're traditional in our uses of bananas (head to the Guardian if you want more exotic ideas). We like them:

  • Chopped on top of cereal (me - for some reason I find it hard to eat a banana whole)
  • In smoothies (the kids)
  • Mashed for pudding (the kids)
  • A lazy packed lunch - squash a whole (peeled) banana between two slices of bread (Husband)
  • One-a-day for a mid-morning snack at school (Daughter)
  • Wrapped in foil on the barbecue with a few chunks of chocolate inside (everyone)

And if we really do have surplus bananas, then banana cake, muffins or banana added to flapjack are the most popular choices.

A not so popular banana activity that we tried a few years ago involved using the peel to treat veruccas. This is not the easiest remedy to administer to the feet of small, active children so our trial didn't last long enough to know whether this actually works or not.

Last but not least, we have all been subjected to many renditions of the 'peel banana' song which Son learnt when he went on a PGL camp with school last year. It's a winner with his younger cousins. If you watch the video, you'll see why, as an adult, the novelty wears off after a while! (Especially as Son's version follows the digestion of a banana through the human body right from the mouth to the other end...)

What are your favourite things to do with bananas?


  1. Bananas wrapped in foil sounds really good. I need to try it!

  2. Grilled bananas and chocolate. I've gotta give that a try also.