Wednesday, 23 April 2014

(Frugal) Gifts Galore!

What a resourceful bunch my fabulous frugal friends and family are. Just the kind of presents to make an old frugalista very happy!

Two tomato plants (including a yellow cherry tomato)

Land cress seeds (never grown this but can't wait)

A candle in a tea cup. Blue and white china, my favourite. (I've been saving up old candle wax to do this myself. I've even got as far as buying some wick. And an old spotty tea cup. So this will spur me on. Anyone ever tried making candles out of old candle wax?)

A re-gift. Victoria Hislop's The Thread (originally given to my Mum, who recommends it)

David Lodge's The Art of Fiction (no re-gifting or frugal catch to this one - maybe the giver thinks I should try my hand at writing fiction as it came with a note: "By now, you must have blogged a number of words equivalent to a full-length novel!")

Some home recorded DVDs of programmes that I'll enjoy about local railways and canals, and children's literature.

Organic Medjool dates. Yum.

Homegrown flowers.

Abel and Cole Veg Box Companion recipe book (another re-gift from my brother. A recipe book that looks right up my street!)

Chocolates. (And the advantage of having a birthday on Easter day is that you can save your birthday treats until everyone else is fed up of chocolate, then eat them all yourself).

6 baby Lobelia plants that will cheer up some of my flower pots.

A summery pale green scarf. (I'm the queen of the scarf after all. All frugalistas know that you don't spend money on new outfits. You just perk up the old ones with a scarf from your extensive collection, which naturally consists only of gift scarves or charity shop scarves.)

A generous £15 cheque (to spend on more books, scarves, seeds, plants, dates or chocolate...?)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Did I miss your birthday? Happy Birthday! I know it happens sometime this year. :)

  2. Belated happy birthday to you. Some really nice presents there, I like the cup/candle

  3. Belated Birthday from me as well. I could never, ever get fed up with chocolate though ;)