Monday, 22 September 2014

Saving megabucks with Megabus

(Please note this is NOT a sponsored post - we are just pleased with our recent Megabus experiences!)

We're recent converts to Megabus.

I was vaguely aware of their existence and tantalising promises of travel for £1 but thought they operated between big cities only and were not for the likes of us country bumpkins. Even when a friend mentioned that her recently graduated son was catching the Megabus from Corsham to London for a job interview, I thought it was maybe just for youngsters. After all, I've hung around frugal blogs for long enough now, and I've never heard anyone mention catching a Megabus anywhere. (I'm sure someone probably has - please do link to your Megabus blog post in the comments if you have!). Perhaps it's such a frugal no-brainer that it doesn't need mentioning. I'll mention it anyway.

Husband has been needing to get to London every week for some training, and really, the easiest and cheapest way is to catch the Megabus. It's not just for youngsters, and it definitely does not stop in cities only (although admittedly we are on a fairly direct route along the A4 to London. It's not £1, it's a whopping £4.50 per journey for Husband. Still a bargain. That's almost cheaper than getting the bus to Bath, which is all of 10 miles down the road, (as opposed to London which is nearer 100 miles away). And if Husband was driving to the nearest train station, it would cost him more than £4.50 in parking.

What's the catch? Once you've got over the fact that they do not operate through all towns and cities in the UK there are not many catches. 

You have to book online - you can't just turn up at the bus stop. But you don't even have to print out a ticket - having the reservation number will get you on the bus. 

In Husband's experience the Megabuses are on time, they're comfortable and there are several services a day from here to London. From Corsham they wiggle around Chippenham and Swindon, but after that it's a straight run to Victoria Coach Station. And from there, Europe is your oyster with Megabuses to various destinations in Europe. In fact, the only catch is that each week we worry that perhaps Husband won't get the coach home after his two days' training but will decide to go to Barcelona instead...

Anyone else love Megabus?


  1. I had a look at their website to see what was offered from our part of the world. Put in Ipswich - nearest big town in Suffolk and seems they only go from Ipswich to Silverstone- For motor racing I presume. Not much use for us!

  2. My Mum used to get mega bus when they first started between London and exeter. At that time they were old double decker buses, the only luggage space was that little bit when you get on, or you had to hope that no-one would sit next to you. No facilities, but they did used to do a couple of comfort stops on the way. Much swisher now!!!

  3. I've only heard of them from watching Mock the Week. I had a look at their website and I can only get to Silverstone too, which surprises me from Banbury as we're only just off the M40 and enroute south from other big towns. They do go from Oxford to London and some other cities, but leave from the city centre, so by the time I've got there and parked I might as well have got the City Link which is much easier to get too.
    I might make sure the children go to uni in a city served by Megabus though- I can drop them off by the bus station and they'll save a fortune!

  4. megabus also run some train services. 2 of us went from London to Southampton for a pound each way each - astonishing. same train as everyone else, but they restrict the travel times (tho there was a perfectly reasonable choice) and we went on last. I was very impressed.