Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Zero Waste Week

It's Zero Waste Week 2014, and many businesses and bloggers are on board with the 'one more thing' theme. What one more thing could you do to cut your landfill waste?

It's the food packaging that gets us every single time, so that's our pledge. To keep it simple we're focusing on snacky food waste packaging this week...crisps, biscuits...stuff that comes in that crinkly plastic packaging that is so hard to recycle.

How's it going so far? I'm not going to lie - it's certainly not easy. In a week full of change for us all in one way or another, my plans for concocting lovely zero waste, home-baked alternatives to snacky things have come to naught so far and there have been transgressions. 

I arrived home from work on Monday to find an empty packet of chocolate fingers lazing on the sofa...

And Husband snuck past me yesterday with a cup of tea and a penguin biscuit pre-empting any of my zero waste outcries by claiming that he was going to upcycle the biscuit packet into a piece of jewellery...

On the positive side, the reusable Onya produce bags have carried home lots of vegetables and fruit from the market for healthy zero packaging snacking. Out with the crisps and in with the greengages.

Stay tuned to see how we do during the rest of the week, and visit the Zero Waste Week website for tips and hints. There are plenty of links to other Zero Waste blog ambassadors, so you can see if they are faring any better than we are. 


  1. haha! husbands eh, who'd have them. Tell him I'm waiting to see his piece of jewellery at the end of the week ;)

  2. I'm afraid I can't ever imagine zero waste - if only because the cats generate quite a lot of stinky waste with their litter...Indoor cats can't poo in other people's gardens (wink, wink)