Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Messing about on the river...

Or rather, messing about on the canal...Son's been an only child for ten days while Daughter has been on her World Challenge expedition to Iceland. On  one of his last days of being an 'only', we said we'd treat him to something special. "Kayaking at Bradford-on-Avon", he said without hesitation. We've done this a couple of times there before, but not for ages.

Sunday came round and it was gloomy and raining, but we'd said we would, so we did; armed with wellies and waterproof trousers. Actually, it wasn't as bad outside as it looked from inside. Now there's a useful lesson if you live in England. Don't let rain stop play. We didn't get at all wet and drippy whilst we were rowing, but afterwards Son decided to wade into the River Avon (which runs close to the canal) deeper than his wellies and squelched his way back to the car.

It was all happening on the Kennet and Avon canal on Sunday.We arrived to find a narrow boat unhitched from its mooring and blocking the canal. Fortunately it had been re-secured by the time we had launched our canoe and paddled that far. Then we found some people dangling a magnet into the canal to try and retrieve their keys...We felt as if we were in an episode of Rosie and Jim*. Well worth the £10 canoe hire, for entertainment value alone.

*For non-UK readers, Rosie and Jim was one of our favourite childrens' TV programmes back when the kids were small. The eponymous Rosie and Jim were puppets who lived on a narrow boat, the Ragdoll and got up to all sorts of mischief. Plenty of episodes to be found on Youtube.


  1. that must have been on after we left the country, as I don't remember them.

  2. Kayaking is always fun. Tell your son he has good ideas on what is fun to do. :)

  3. Rosie and Jim are part of the current exhibit at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry which is celebrating 50 years of children's television. Your day out sounded great fun.

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