Friday, 2 June 2017

National Fish and Chip Day! Frugally.

Supposedly it's National Fish and Chip Day today. Got to get on board with celebrating that one!

But the cost of fish and chips for four from the chippy can add up. A nice treat if you're by the seaside on holiday, but we're not. We're a long way from the sea, and it's raining.

We've having frugal fish and chips - £1.40 for a packet of 12 fish fingers, 33p for homemade potato wedges (parboiled and baked), 30p for some reduced butternut squash, and 20p for some frozen sweetcorn. I think that's less than the price of one portion of fish and chips...and possibly a little bit healthier?


  1. You just had National Fish and Chips Day and we just had National Doughnut Day. That was very frugal for us because we didn't participate. :)

    BTW. I'm interested in how you did your chips. We roast potatoes sometimes in the oven, but we don't boil them first. How much do you boil them before you roast them?

  2. Maybe it's National Unhealthy Foods week... As for the chips, I suppose they were wedges rather than chips...boiled for approx 10 mins and roasted in oil for approx 25 mins, turning half way through...Parboiling potatoes for roasting is the norm over here I'd say. Parboil for 10 mins, then drain and shake the pan around to give them a good bashing so that the sides go squishy and get really crispy in the oven.

    1. I'll have to try that and what difference it makes on the texture.