Friday, 8 September 2017

More jam musings on Food Waste Friday...

Back in 2014, I thought I'd written all that needed to be written on jam making. And the helpful comments on my jammy blog post just completed the picture.  (It's here if you want to read it).

A couple of weeks ago I thought about that blog post. I seemed to remember that there were some comments about making jam in a slow cooker. So I did.

We only harvested a small amount of damsons this year; enough to make three and a half jars of jam. Quality, not quantity. I think it was a good batch - not too sweet (a ratio of half sugar to fruit), not too runny, not too firm. 

I was so pleased that I'd remembered the slow cooker tip. I made the method up as I went along - pop the fruit in the slow cooker with a sploosh of water, and forget about it. At some point, when the fruit is looking jammy, add the sugar and forget about it again until it's bubbling away and looking even more jammy. Then jar it up. Job done.

It worked so well that once I'd finished I decided I ought to go back to the original blog post and comments just to check I'd done it correctly.  To my surprise slow cookers do not feature in that blog post anywhere...I must have got confused with making jam in a breadmaker (which is mentioned a couple of times) or read it somewhere else.

Whatever. I'm sticking with my new method, and dealing with a small crop of autumn raspberries in the same way! (That's the Food Waste Friday* part - averting a mouldy raspberry situation).

I'd love to know if anyone else has made slow cooker jam - I doubt that I've come up with a new idea!

* Food Waste Friday was originally created by the Frugal Girl, and continues to be hosted by Simply Being Mum. Each week people track their food waste in order to commit to wasting less and using up more food. In the past I've been a food waste tracker, and at the end of Zero Waste Week 2017, it's time to get back on board!


  1. I had to look up damson to see what it is. I don't think I've ever seen one before. I haven't made jam in a slow cooker before, but that's just my style. I'm not a big jam maker, but I will definitely use your method next time I do.

    1. I love damsons - a small hedgerow wild plum...can be a bit tart but lovely in jam. So far the slow cooker method seems foolproof!

  2. Hi I'm going to try this I have to buy damsons though just need to ask if you take out the stones before you cook them.carole

    1. No I don't. I spend a long time fishing them out once the fruit has simmered a while and the stones are floating around. But I think that's easier than trying to take them out before, unless bought damsons are bigger than the hedgerow ones we've got. All worth it of course, for the yummy jam :-)