Daily Food and Water Tracker


This is my first attempt at making a template, so apologies if it’s not quite up to standards! This form fits on a 3 x 5 card, and allows you to track your food intake for different calorie levels by x’ing boxes to represent portions of different foods. Standard portions according to the Diabetic Assoc’n guidelines were used to match the different calorie levels; distribution of food types for different calorie levels is as per “Weight No More,” a program that I took at a local hospital.

I’m attaching three files – the open office source, a “3 x 5” pdf that contains one landscaped image for printing directly to index cards, and a “cardstock” pdf that contains 6 forms. Print two-sided on cardstock and cut them apart; the images line up on top of each other back-to-back. Finished, cut cards are 2.8″ x 5.5″ – that works okay for me but you may want to trim for 5″ width.

Thanks to:

  • Jordan McGilvray, whose weekly meal log form on this site provided guidance on how to make attractive tables;
  • Jorge Cruise, whose book 8 Minutes in the Morning provided inspiration for the “draw the line at the desired calorie level and eat what’s on the left side of the line idea; and
  • Miriam Nelson, whose book Strong Women Stay Slim provided guidance on number of servings for different calorie levels.

Paper size: 

Index Card (3 x 5)


Food Water Tracker.png

Usage advice: 

Draw a solid vertical line immediately to the right of your desired daily calorie level. The boxes to the left of the line represent your allowed portions of those food groups for the day. “X” in each box as you eat a standard portion of that food; when the boxes are full you are done eating (or else you are cheating!). Also includes 8 boxes for water intake – standard 8 oz cup per box.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or a fitness trainer. Please see your doctor before starting a diet to make sure that it is nutritionally appropriate for you.

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