Writing Love

Happy Valentine’s and Single’s Awareness Day everyone. I hope everyone’s feeling the love in the air and in their hearts. If not for some particular person (hi kender!) then hopefully for your own personal self.

Love and writing go hand in hand. Writing helps to express the deepest feelings we bury deep in our heart. Writing love entries also help us remember the good things and feelings on the days when everything seems dark and wrong. You can write love letters to someone you love, letting them know how much you care and why. You can make lists of all the things you love about a person or being in love. You can answer thoughtful questions about the whole meaning and purpose of love. And don’t forget the mass amounts of written love-based poetry out there!

Write about love. List all the moments, objects, songs, colors that you associate with love. Remember what it was like to be in love for the first time. You know, that moment that someone swept you off your feet unexpectedly and did something that made you blush and think twice. Write it down. Write love letters to those actors you have secret crushes on. Spread the love of the written word down on the paper.

Make a list of all the things you and a partner have done, where you have gone and things received. Don’t forget to add in the silly words you two make up or denote the numerous times that you and your love have completed each other’s sentences or blurted out the same catch phrase at the exact same moment.

Write love letters to your sweetie. Every one loves receiving mail and love letters. I look back on many Valentines Days during grade school and how we’d make bags of red and pink and purple hearts to be filled with small, colorful, notes from friends and classmates–coveting the “best friends forever” card. It felt good to know that I was liked. People like knowing when they are loved and appreciated by others. It’s an ego boost. No matter how bad or dark a day may get, as long as I know my husband loves me and will be there to love me, things are always better. Even if you plan on sending them, by taking the time to draft them down on paper, you’ll be able to craft a very special note that tells that person exactly how you feel about them and how thankful you are at having them in your life.

Capturing thoughts of love in your journal not only helps preserve the memories of your loved ones but it also helps you process what objects and events you define as love or loving. Take red roses for example. Somewhere along the lines, someone associated the idea of receiving a red rose (or any color for that matter) with affection for someone else. And thus, after years of association and the word being passed down, a tradition was born.

Its not easy being human and having love as a feeling. Love makes life exciting and colorful. It allows us to gain perspective on our own self, it helps us communicate with others, and it also gives us plenty of experiences to remember and cherish. It’s also embarrassing when we expose these intense feelings and not know how another will react. We can feel so deep that it can be overwhelming and hard to know just where it all ends. Writing these loving moments down in and reading them seconds or years later helps you to gain some perspective on life and what it means to feel loved and be in love. So, start writing down what you love and what it means to you today.

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